Asteria at the Grange Festival

Caroline was honoured to jump in for Sophie Bevan as Asteria in Handel’s Tamerlano at the Grange Festival at last week’s performance. You can read the full reviews from Klassik Begeistert and Curtis Rogers by clicking here.

…while an actress silently mimed Asteria on stage, Caroline Taylor sang her role at the edge of the stage in her evening dress, and she, who had rehearsed the role in English, sang the Italian text line for line of sheet. Not only did she save this evening – a cancellation of the performance would have been inevitable: she was simply fantastic. Her crystal-clear, highly melodic soprano filled the shabby chic auditorium…the starting signal for one brilliant career as a singer […] The great Caroline Taylor was of a different caliber: during the final applause, she unmistakably earned the strongest cheers.”

KLASSIK BEGEISTERT, Dr Charles E Ritterband
Asteria, Tamerlano | The Grange Festival (2022)

Caroline now looks forward to opening shows as Kate in The Yeomen of the Guard!