‘Operatunity’ with Southampton Operatic Society

Photo credit: Paul Dawson-Plincke Photography

In addition to performing in Manchester, I still love returning to Southampton for musical endeavours! Earlier this month, I headed home for a recital with the Southampton Operatic Society ‘Entertainers’ and soloists in Riverside Family Church, Northam.

The recital was organised by Brigitte Lavoie of SOS and raised funds for Dementia Care. The programme had been composed around the theme of ‘operatic memories’ and I was delighted to perform some of my favourite numbers, including the Flower Duet with Brigitte, the aria “Obéissons quand leur voix appelle” from Massenet’s Manon and Yum-Yum’s “The sun whose rays are all ablaze” from The Mikado. This last song brings back wonderful memories of performing as Yum-Yum with SOS in their Mikado in January 2016!

Brigitte provided some very heartfelt introductions and it was a moving evening for all. It was great to see everyone from the Society again and to learn all about preparations for their production of The Pajama Game (which is taking place from 21-24 June at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton).

Word is that there may well be another fund-raising recital in the pipeline…so watch this space! Congratulations to all involved, including the soloists, chorus, our brilliant accompanist Rachael Thorpe and especially to Brigitte for organising this special evening.

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