Upcoming: the Kellie Consort presents Bach’s Mass in B minor

Photo credit: University of St Andrews

Photo credit: University of St Andrews

I’ve never performed any Bach before and so I’m delighted to join the Kellie Consort in April for my first ever Mass in B Minor!

Directed by Tom Wilkinson and Hilary Michael, the performances will also feature St Salvator’s Chapel Choir and the Fitzwilliam String Quartet and will take place in St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews on April 10 and St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh on April 11.

The Consort is currently looking to raise £2000 to help fund this project and their summer tour to the Highlands and Islands in July 2016. If you’d like to donate to their Crowdfunding platform, just click here.

I was absolutely blown away by the Kellie Consort’s inaugural performances last summer and I am very excited to be a part of their 2016 projects. If you’re in the area, please do come along!


“…they blew us away and delivered a truly hair-raising, beautiful rendition of Bach’s Great Mass in B Minor […] their voices melted into a single, warm, heavenly mash of lyrical delight, perfectly enunciated and beautifully sung.” (R.M. Foster, The Saint: http://www.thesaint-online.com/2016/04/j-s-bach-mass-in-b-minor-reviewed/)

“Of particular note (no pun intended), was the clarity of diction coming from the singers, with the sounds of the consonants reaching even those sitting at the very back of the chapel, and up by the organ. The orchestra too, excelled, using period instruments to create an authentic performance of the work.” (Marina Carnwath, St Andrews Radio: https://www.standrewsradio.com/events/review/reviewed-b-minor-mass/)

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