Un récital joyeux – et des bonnes nouvelles

Photo credit Emma Taylor

Photo credit Emma Taylor

On 26th September, I had the pleasure of performing a “Friday Lunchtime Recital” for the University of St Andrews’ Music Centre. I love singing in the Younger Hall – and had been looking forward to the recital all summer!

Accompanied by Marilyn Boulton, I performed an all-French programme of songs and arias, with works by Meyerbeer, Debussy, Koechlin, Liszt and Gounod. I couldn’t have asked for a more responsive and welcoming audience – and was quite touched to see so many familiar faces smiling up at me!

“…I felt great enthusiasm for a life full of joy, excitement and love, just like the theme of the recital – “Je veux vivre” (I want to live)! I was deeply impressed by Caroline’s singing skills, especially by her beautiful coloratura displayed throughout the recital. The fine quality of the voice at higher pitches and the elaborate yet smooth turnings showed her amazing vocal control. I also loved her way of performing, which made the emotions in the music apparent to the audience…it was a very enjoyable experience. I am definitely looking forward to Caroline Taylor’s next performance, and I believe anyone else who was there assuredly feels the same way.” (Jun Chu, The Tribe Online: http://www.thetribeonline.com/2014/10/event-review-caroline-taylor-friday-lunchtime-recital/)

I am also delighted to announce that I have been awarded a Vocal Scholarship for the academic year 2014/2015. With the wealth of musical events going on this semester alone, it looks like the final year of my degree will be the most rewarding yet.

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all who came along to my recital – and to all those who continue to support my musical education!

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