‘Albert Herring’: a look back!

Photo credit Emilie Clarke

Photo credit Emilie Clarke

It’s now been exactly a month since the last performance of Albert Herring – and how time has flown! I was delighted with the run overall; it was a pleasure to work with such talented performers – and with such a brilliant production team.

Miss Wordsworth was a role I found hugely enjoyable – not least owing to her quirks and kookiness, but also her moments of quiet reflection. As I became more and more involved in my character, I found depths to Miss Wordsworth that neither she nor I knew about!

I also greatly enjoyed performing Britten’s music. Whilst at times it is tricky, the effect it produces when pieced together and sung with intent is truly haunting. I still find myself humming sections of the opera while cooking or gardening; it’s nice to know I can still remember where the accidentals fall…

There were several reviews written in local publications, including St Andrews paper The Saint and The Courier. As an ensemble, we couldn’t have been happier with the audience response! I’d like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the production, including my lovely friends and family – and our fantastic production team!

“A brilliantly functioning ensemble piece…Caroline Taylor [Miss Wordsworth], gauchely flirting with Jonathan McNaul as the local Reverend […] The extensive applause in Perth Concert Hall argues persuasively for a third visit from St Andrews Opera.” (Ian Stuart-Hunter, Perthshire Advertiser)

“The staging was fantastic…For me, St Andrews Opera’s interpretation of Albert Herring made an ideal introduction to opera. The talent and dedication of all involved succeeded in producing a hilarious glimpse of English village life that resonates far beyond.” (Lauren Hossack, The Saint:http://www.thesaint-online.com/2014/06/st-andrews-operas-albert-herring/)

“…excellent singing. There were some delightful touches in the staging, with anarchy never far away.” (Iain Fraser, Opera Scotland: http://www.operascotland.org/tour/2701/Albert+Herring+2014)



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