Review: An evening of Gilbert, Sullivan and Mozart, 17 January 2014

Photo credit Mikesh Mistry/The Albany Parker

Photo credit Mikesh Mistry/The Albany Parker

Thanks so much to all who came along to my final winter recital last week! An incredible £424 was raised through the retiring collection; of this, £324 was distributed to the charities of Holy Trinity Church (including TEAR Fund and Christian Solidarity Worldwide) and £100 was donated to the trust I am establishing, Enid’s Star Fund.

An article on the recital and Enid’s Star Fund was featured in The Courier; it’s wonderful to see publications raising awareness of the trust and I am very excited for its future!

The Albany Parker, a student-run St Andrews paper, sent photographer Mikesh Mistry along to cover the event; some stunning images were taken of both the performance and Holy Trinity Church. To view the album in full, visit and like the Albany Parker’s Facebook page via this link:

I am truly grateful to all those who helped to advertise the recital and to everyone who made the evening such a success; my brilliant accompanist Walter Blair; George Donaldson and the staff at Holy Trinity Church; Flora Selwyn at St Andrews in Focus; Mike Pendlowski at NODA; Eileen Robertson and John Stevenson at The Courier; and, again, all my fantastic friends, family and teachers.

“I was immediately taken aback by [Caroline’s] confidence and talent…it’s worth saying once again just how high the quality of performance was. It was a professional recital in every sense.” (Deniz Ozkardes and Ross Hamilton, The Saint:

“The recital opened with Aline’s recitative and aria “Oh, happy young heart!” from The Sorcerer – putting [Caroline’s] audience in no doubt as to the superb quality of the concert which was to follow…then Pamina’s aria “Ach, ich fuhl’s” from The Magic Flute making excellent use of the beautiful tone and intonation of Caroline’s fine soprano voice…a beautiful performance of Susanna’s aria from “The Marriage of Figaro”. Lovely venue, lovely programme, lovely performer!” (Mike Pendlowski, NODA Fife:

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