Enid’s Star Fund

Photo credit Caroline Taylor

Photo credit Caroline Taylor

As some of you may know, my wonderful grandmother Enid passed away this Christmas. My grandmother was the best person in the whole world – and she is almost entirely responsible for all my singing today!

In her memory, I am creating a trust called Enid’s Star Fund. It’s all very early days, but essentially this will be a scholarship fund for musical young children, providing them with a means to receive music and singing tuition.

This can’t be a registered charity at the moment, as, according to the Charities Commission, a registered charity requires an minimum income of £5000 annually. However, I do like to dream big – and I hope this might be a possibility, one day!

I am currently creating a website for the Fund, which will be released over the next few weeks; there you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with my fundraising activities, a page for donations, plans to raise awareness – and how the money will be used.

If this is something that appeals to you, please do donate!

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