Gilbert and Sullivan’s the Yeomen of the Guard, 7 August 2013

Photo credit Jonathan Ichikawa

Photo credit Jonathan Ichikawa

At this year’s International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton, I played the role of Kate in Savoynet Performing Group’s Yeomen of the Guard.

This was my first production with Savoynet – and only my second as a principal in Buxton Opera House. The show had a fantastic cast and Savoynet was nominated for numerous awards, winning several and coming first in the overall competition, making us the 2013 Festival Champions!

“Strange adventure”, the quartet in which Kate sings in the second act, is one of my favourite songs in the entire Gilbert and Sullivan canon and I was thrilled to perform it on the Buxton Opera House stage.

It was a great pleasure to work with so many talented performers – and I’m very excited for Savoynet’s next production, Gilbert and Sullivan’s Thespis, at the 2014 Festival in Harrogate.

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