Review: Gilbert and Sullivan’s the Gondoliers, 28 February, 1 and 2 March 2013

Photo credit Jenny Stewart

Photo credit Jenny Stewart

I played Casilda in the University of St Andrews Gilbert and Sullivan Society’s production of the Gondoliers earlier this year. Here’s what the student publications had to say!

– “Highlights included Caroline Taylor’s Casilda, which embodied everything I expected from a G&S performance, a powerful blend of characterisation and harmony. Her duet with Ronan Kearning’s Luiz was one of the many instances where the relationship between characters expressed in songs kept me completely engaged with the narrative.” (The Tribe Online, Dominic Kimberlin:

– “…honorable mention should be given to …[Caroline] Taylor… for outstanding singing abilities.” (The Stand, Kellie English:

– “Caroline Taylor’s silvery soprano cut a line of fidelity through scenes dominated by the massive and hilarious physicality of Ruaridh Maxwell, playing the duke and Caroline, his daughter.” (Owl Eyes, Chris Cannell:

– “The soloists were pitch perfect…” (The Saint, Emma Moore:

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